The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), keeping in line with our mission “to contribute to the sustainable development of Belize”, recognize the importance of providing our constituents with relevant and timely economic information. Consequently, the Trade and Investment Zone (TIZ) is designed to ensure that current or potential entrepreneurs have a virtual one-stop shop for information to help them navigate the sea of policies that directly or indirectly affect business operations.

To this end, TIZ is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with information that can guide them through every stage of Doing Business in Belize, from how to start a business to steps necessary to expand into the export market. Regarding the latter, it is noteworthy that the TIZ also provides insights into the various trade agreements to which Belize has become a party or member state.

Beyond the “how-to” guides, the TIZ also serves as a repository of general economic data to help domestic and foreign investors keep up to date with the ebbs and flows of individual sectors as well as the changes in the overall Belizean economy.

Super Bond and the Business Perspective

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