Belize Products for Export into CARICOM

The CARICOM Secretariat is in the process of creating a new database which will share information on the availability of products for trade within the region. This is to reinforce the Safeguard Mechanism in place to increase internal trade and provide transparency on the demands and availability within the region. The requests for waivers on the CET for products will be visible to all registered.  

CIMSUPRO is a database that will come online later in the year. There will be initial training done in mid August, the data is being accumulated at this time for posting on this website. With that said, Belize’s Directorate General for Foreign Trade is seeking your assistance in sharing the availability of your products of interest for this database. 

Please find below the template.


Template Example

Kindly fill in the required information on your products that are available for export, and return the information to for forwarding to the database. I look forward to further queries on this if any. Your responses and contributions by August 9th would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you for your continued contributions in building regional trade. 

Best Regards, 

John Rivero
Directorate General for Foreign Trade
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Belmopan City, Belize C.A.
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