Domestic exports for the year 2015 totaled $535.3 million, down 12.9 percent or $79.1 million from the $614.4 million recorded for 2014.

Source: Ministry of Trade


Sugar has been Belize’s largest contributor to the agricultural sector. With sugarcane deliveries starting in December 2015, a month earlier than in the previous delivery season, production of over 122 thousand metric tons was recorded for the fourth quarter of 2015, while there was no sugarcane production recorded for the same quarter of 2014. read more


Citrus is the second largest agricultural industry. In 2015, citrus fruit deliveries also saw an increase during the three month period, with orange production in particular rising by about 2.5 thousand metric tons. read more


Banana cultivation is concentrated in the Southern districts of Stann Creek and Toledo. The total area of cultivation is 6,175 acres.10 Banana shipments also decreased, by 25 percent or more than 7 thousand metric tons, as unseasonably dry weather conditions affected the maturity of the plants.
Source: SIB GDP 4th Quarter 2015 Bulletin
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