Belize Links

  • Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA)

    The Statutory Body designed to modernize the Agricultural Health Services in Belize.

  • Belize Customs & Excise Department

    One of the nation’s major border enforcement agencies managing the assessment and collection of Custom’s Revenues on commodities imported and exported out of the State.

  • Beltraide

    A “one-stop-centre” for both the local and foreign investors as part of its effort to facilitate genuine investments in Belize.

  • Caribbean Growth Forum
  • Central Bank

    Information on Belize’s economic and financial system.

  • Crime Stoppers Belize

    A Community – based service in making Belize a safe and beautiful country to live.

  • Development Finance Corporation
  • IDB -Belize,1082.html
  • Maps of Belize

    Contains regional, political, topography and protected area maps with more to come.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to formulate, coordinate and implement foreign policy initiatives, addressing the issue areas of Economy, Human and National Security, National Sovereignty and the preservation of Territorial Integrity.

  • Sales Tax Department

    Official website for the Belize Department of General Sales Tax.

  • Social Security Board

    Social Security Board’s official website.

  • Statistical Institute of Belize

    Providing accurate, reliable and timely statistical information in Belize.

  • The Belize Tourist Board

    The official website of the Belize Government’s Tourist Board. Includes a searchable directory of all tourism operations in the country.

  • The Pioneers for Prosperity

    The Pioneers for Prosperity Award is a global awards program that seeks to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs in emerging economies by identifying, rewarding, and promoting truly outstanding businesses who can serve as role models to their peers.

  • Credit Master Systems 
    BCCI and Credit Master Systems (C.M.S.) has entered an agreement to promote the CMS service to BCCI members. CMS is a bonded collection agency and since 1994, C.M.S. has provided Bad Debt Collection services to the private and public sectors of Belize. CMS provides information that better informs businesses of potential customer’s credit history.