How do I Become a Member of the Chamber?

The first step is to fill out our membership application form. Please click link below to view application form and membership details. After completion of application form, the Chamber will review and contact you to gather additional information.

Membership Tiers

Membership Application form

What are the Benefits of Being a Member of the Chamber?

Membership has great advantages. All our members are entitled to Lobby & Advocacy on issues affecting business sustainability, business consultation, investment promotion and attraction, international trade promotion, capacity building, networking opportunities and advertising possibilities.  Please click link below to view details on benefits.

Members Services

Are you searching for a company, or a listing of importers, exporters, distributors, companies you can do business with?

We invite you to visit our Membership Directory and sort through our listing of companies in Good Standing as of your interest. The following link will take you there.

Membership Directory

The following organizations will be able to provide you with a listing of companies in Belize that are not members of the Chamber of which you were not able to locate in our Membership Directory.

Belize Companies Registry

International Business Company Registry


Information on “Doing Business in Belize”

BELTRAIDE, the Trade and Investment arm, for the country of Belize will be able to provide you with a “Doing Business in Belize” Information Package.  To contact them, please click the following link.


Tourist Information on Belize

The Belize Tourism Board, the Statutory Board within the Ministry of Tourism, will be able to provide you with needed information on visiting our Beautiful Country Belize.

Belize Tourism Board

Laws of Belize

The Government of Belize’s website will provide you detailed information on Belize’s Constitution. Please click link below.

Government of Belize

Statistical Information on Belize

Please click links below to view accurate, reliable and timely facts on Belize in all sectors of the country.

Statistical Institute of Belize

Taxes in Belize

Please click the following links to view information on custom duties and other taxes in Belize.

Belize Customs and Excise Department

Sales Tax Department

Social Security Board Belize

Business and Income Tax

Department of Environment

BAHA – Food Safety, Plant Health Services, Quarantine (Import, Export, Inspections, Certification, Risk Analysis, Investigations, Laboratory Support)

Bureau of Standards – Development of Standards, Investigation of Consumer Complaints, Verification of weighing instruments, Market Surveillance of Price Controlled and Price Regulated Goods, Processing of Import/Export Licenses