In a Planning Committee of the Festival Grand Market, the Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) was offered a proposal to develop a consumer trade show, since the Festival Grand Market, the country’s largest consumer show up to that point had run its course. The BCCI took the proposal to our Executive Council and membership.

The very first EXPO was held in 1996 and was started with 66 booths situated immediately outside the St. John’s College Gymnasium. The Chamber’s staff recalled that one year, incessant rains and fierce winds blew down tents, created mud pits and a myriad of difficulties for those working to bring the show to life that year. But, the show did go on! Needless to say, the show was such a success that it eventually moved inside the gymnasium and consumed the entire area around the SJC Gymnasium!

Over the years, the “Expo” evolved into the Expo Belize Marketplace, the largest consumer trade show in the country and a welcomed addition to the September celebrations calendar. In 2010, the Expo had outgrown the St. John’s College venue and was moved to the ITVET Grounds on Freetown Road in Belize City. This new venue would also engage the Chamber in a new partnership with vocational students of the ITVET. Students in both the construction and electrical programmes of the ITVET, Belize City are supervised and utilized to help setup the Expo booths each year.

On September 15th & 16th, 2018, for the 22nd consecutive year, the BCCI held its renowned EXPO Belize Market Place, at the ITVET Grounds on Freetown Road in Belize City. Last year, the Expo attracted 14,000 visitors to the grounds, and people were able to appreciate arts, entertainment and various displays from the Commerce, Industry, Manufacturing, and Services sectors. Additionally, even more Micro businesses were able to display their locally made products and services.

We are grateful to our sponsors, exhibitors, visitors and friends who have supported us over the past years and been at the helm of Expo Belize. We look forward to continued support as we do it all again in 2019!

Save the date, September 14th and 15th, 2019, beginning from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on both days. For all those who have a business and would like to showcase your product or service and get a prime location, this is the perfect opportunity.  Email us at 501-223-5330; 614-3138; or email: bcci@belize.org