Type of Business Ownership

The Laws of Belize allows for various categories of business ownership. The relevant legislation can be found at www.belizelaw.org.

  • Private company- Chapter 250, Companies Act
  • Joint venture and cooperative- Chapter 313, Co-operative Societies Act
  • Partnership- Chapter 258, Limited Liability Partnership Act
  • Sole Proprietor- Chapter 247, Business Names Act
  • International Business Company- Chapter 270, International Business Companies Act
  • Trust Fund- Chapter 200, Trust Corporations Act
  • Public Investment Company-Chapter 250, Companies Act

Business Registration/Certification

According to the Business Names Act, Chapter 247 of the Laws of Belize, every firm or individual having a place of business in Belize should register the business name.  To start a business, an applicant would need to register at the Registrar General‘s Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry Office, in Belmopan City.  Businesses can be registered as a sole proprietorship, partnership, and limited liability or as a corporation.  Application forms will need to be filled out by the applicant.

Registration Forms

  • Sole proprietorship- Form I
  • Partnership-Form II
  • Change of registered business name/owners- Form 6
  • Ceasing a business- Form 9

In the event of change of business name/owners or when ceasing a business, the applicant will need to present an original certificate of registration or in the event that the certificate is lost, a Statutory Declaration from a Notary Public, and identification card of the individual’s (old & new owners in the case of change of owners), and signatures from each (new and old business owners) can be submitted.

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