Benny's Enterprises Ltd.

Benny’s Enterprises Ltd. is a limited liability company and is located at 2 ½ miles Philip Goldson Highway, Belize City, Belize. It was founded in 1947 by Bention Feinstein and is presently managed by two directors, namely, Mr. Brett B. Feinstein and Mr. Sean Feinstein. Its primary business is the retail and wholesale distribution of construction supplies. Its secondary businesses include Real Estate Development, and minor agriculture.  Benny’s directly employs over 220 employees.

Benny’s is committed to continuously improving and developing the economy and lifestyle of Belize. Benny’s accomplishes this by providing quality products, competitive prices and unsurpassed customer service with a motivated and knowledgeable staff to sustain a leading position in our industry.

1947:      Benny’s Store Established

1971 :      Moved out of dry goods and textiles in plumbing

1989:       Incorporation of Benny’s Store to Benny’s Enterprises Ltd.

1990:       Benny’s Wholesale Depot established

1998:       Benny’s Supply Depot Established

2001:       Benny’s first in country to produce its own full line catalog.

2003:       Dedicated Outside Sales Team Established

2004: is launched

2006:       Benny’s establishes its own in-house Marketing Division with the ability to
                   produce print, radio and television advertisements.

2007:       BenQuip division started. This is a division operated under the Benny’s 
               infrastructure that specializes in sale of heavy equipment, motorcycles, 
               lubricants and outboards.

2010:       Benny’s Super Store completed


Distribution: Wholesale and Retail distribution of local and imported construction supplies, finishings, and specialty goods. 

Real Estate and Development: Purchasing and developing of property for the erection of apartments and condominiums for rental and resale purposes. 

Rentals: Providers of apartments in Belize's largest city, Belize City, with 17 deluxe apartments and townhouses. 


Level 1:
Parent Co.: Benny's Enterprises Ltd.
                     Belize City

Division 1:  Benny's Wholesale Depot & Benny's Bargain Center
                    Belize City 

Division 2: Benny's Home Center
                   Belize City

The Belize Bank Limited
Atlantic Bank Limited
Heritage Bank
CIBC/ First Caribbean International Bank
Scotiabank Ltd. 

Benny’s Homecenter (Super Store)
Tel #: 501-223-6236/7
Fax #: 501-223-6239

Benny’s Homecenter (Downtown)
Tel #: 501-223-6236
Fax #: 501-227-8497

Bargain Center
Tel #: 501-223-6236
Fax #: 501-223-2255

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