Be Aware of Wire fraud via emails

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Please be aware of a wire fraud being perpetuated on businesses in Belize. The way the scheme works is that an email is sent to the business from an email address that is almost exactly that of a supplier. The difference in the email address may only be a letter in a word or the letters in a word may be slightly rearranged. The fraudster requests payment of an outstanding balance payable to the supplier with instructions to remit the funds to a bank account which you will find is not the usual bank account of the supplier. The fraudster may even tell you that the supplier has changed his bank account or may ask that you remit the funds by Western Union or Moneygram!

 Tips to avoid  being defrauded:

  1. Check all suppliers’ email addresses closely to ensure that emails received are genuine emails from suppliers.
  2. Be particularly vigilant and careful when a supplier advises that they are changing their bank or remittance instructions. Ask why the change is being made. You may need to call your contact person with that particular supplier to get verbal confirmation.     
  3. Ensure that remittances are sent to the supplier based on historic remittance instructions and/or based on the remittance instructions provided on the supplier’s invoices/shipping documents.
  4. Email your contact person at the supplier and request a revised invoice and shipping documents with the new remittance instructions

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